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PRECARIAT PRODUCTIONS is proud to announce "Inside A Pocket, Behind A Wall" by Raphael Eilenberg as part of THE SPARK | THE WALL | THE ESCAPE.

Raphael Eilenberg, a bold and exciting young actor currently based in London, will be performing his solo performance "Inside A Pocket, Behind A Wall" using traditional Balinese masks in New York City on April 8th.

Raphael Eilenberg (Hollie Harrington)

Raphael Eilenberg (Hollie Harrington)

Raphael, who graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, and currently studies at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, travelled to Berlin during his semester breaks to offer theater and mask workshops to young adult refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The refugees Raphael worked with face many challenges -- physical handicaps, emotional trauma and the stresses of building new lives. Raphael's mask works and theater training helped them to expand their imaginations, spark their creative impulses and open up new means of expression, giving them new confidence and collaborative skills and imparting the joy of theater making.

"It was the first time I experienced letting myself go. Feeling my body move, and hearing my voice in a room was a new discovery. I could do things now I wouldn’t have done before"

 - Workshop participant from Syria

This enriching experience, together with Raphael's diverse theater studies in Europe and in Indonesia, contributed to the development of his solo piece.

His show explores the danger of indifference, the resilience of the oppressed and the durability of human faith, told with Raphael's fiercely physical, charismatic and humorous characterizations of the masks.

Raphael envisions that this performance, and workshops he plans to offer in community centers in Manhattan, to be the next steps in giving voice to marginalized communities using this ancient mask tradition and performance training. He is committed to continuing this project to create vital new work for the international theater community. 

Eilenberg (far left) teaching in Berlin refugee center

Eilenberg (far left) teaching in Berlin refugee center

Raphael Eilenberg in London. (Thibault Charrin 18’)

Raphael Eilenberg in London. (Thibault Charrin 18’)

You can read more about Raphael's Berlin Workshop here: 

Inside A Pocket, Behind A Wall" , alongside two other new Solo Theater pieces

The Alchemical Studios on April 8th at 7:30pm

104 West 14th Street, Manhattan 10011

Tickets $15 |