FOR MARTA available now on Vimeo VOD

FOR MARTA available now on Vimeo VOD


The hit indie short film, written by and starring Isabel Ellison, is now available on Vimeo. The film centers on Marta (played by Ellison), a young writer whose sister Alice commits suicide by jumping out a window. The film follows Marta, and Alice’s ex-boyfriend Sam (played by Franco Gonzalez) through the next 24 hours as they grapple with her death. Marta has written a memoir about Alice’s long battle with depression, and has to decide whether or not to read excerpts of it in public. Meanwhile Sam has not spoken to Alice in years, and deals with the wreckage of their fraught relationship. Director Ryan Guiterman navigates the dark territory of suicide with extreme pathos and grace. Franco Gonzalez (Hulu’s THE FIRST) turns in a quietly beautiful performance as Sam, and Isabel Ellison offers an astounding first foray into screenwriting and a heartbreaking performance to match.

The film screened at the prestigious Lighthouse International Film Festival, the Bucharest Film Awards, the New York Short Film Festival and it was also a finalist for the Katra Film Series.

$3.99 | Genre: Drama, Short | Runtime: 19 minutes | English Closed-Captioning available

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